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ohmygawd this is gonna be long forgive me. OPEN LETTER TO PSEUDO- FANS AND PI HATERS. So sorry for the incoherent paragraphs.

first of all, i am a 6-nin news fan. even now, although i love the 4-nin news (as well as ryo-chan in k8 and pi), i am still stuck in the past with 6-nin.

second, pi made the letter for himself and for his fans. he did not call for a presscon, right? it is for the people who attended his concert, and not for the bashers. It is for those who believed in him and recognized what he is worth.

third, this is his first con after leaving news, so it is the perfect time for him to speak about the matter. since he is damned whatever he does, might as well close everything at this point. so basically it follows that i would like him to stop mentioning news in his next cons.

fourth, butthurt pseudo-6nin news fans should reconsider for what reason they are in the news fandom. Is it because they saw the awesomeness of the remaining four or is it because they are still preoccupied with the illusionary news they made up in their mind? And with ryopi leaving, their illusions shattered.

fifth, i am glad pi did this. he was always in the pedestal for the longest time and he doesn't really express his feelings very well but this time he did. As a fan, it felt like he stepped down into my level once more. He also mentioned about the oricon stuff, and it made me glad (forgive me for the lack of a better word) to know that all my worries were not useless.

sixth, the guy acknowledged his shortcomings. Also,  how could you not respect people who get out of their comfort zones and take risks like that?

seventh, i don't see why people seem to hate him more than ryo-chan.  Of course ryo-chan seems to be very overworked but in real life, I would rather have my lover tell me that he will leave to pursue higher ground than choose another girl over me. but then again, k8 is awesome. And so are eighters.

eighth, if you are really a 4-nin fan, then don’t you feel happy that ryopi are out which is like good riddance? Chanakapana sold well and they are going to have a tour finally. Your happiness is not enough that you need to hate on pi to solidify that?

ninth, for those who said he lacks musicality… have you tried listening to ero? More importantly, have you tried listening to the songs he composed, especially world is yours? Aside from this, even kuwata keisuke-san said ero is good.

tenth, it hasn’t been a year since ryopi left. And they say that pi shouldn’t talk about news?  What about the eight years? Are they trying to erase the invaluable contribution pi had on news?

eleventh, when kei-chan talked about ryopi leaving, everyone gave him sympathy. When pi does it, all pi gets is hate and that all these is for marketing. But aren’t all idols being marketed? Furthermore, he read this in his con, and people there already bought his stuff. So what marketing?

twelfth, some of you claim that pi is selfish, evil and basically attack his character. If he is that evil, why do yamazaki-san, lily franky-san, tamamori yuta-chan, kansai fanboys among others like him? And my god, try reading his 0409 entries .

thriteenth, the whole ryopi thing leaving is good for all of them except for pi and fans like us. Koyashige will finally be given rightful exposure. Tegomass won’t be accused as traitors anymore. Ryo would not be overworked and be overly thin. But pi would get so much hate and less sales. Yet he did this.

Lastly, the guy is human. Of course he knows all the hate. I mean haters even ganged up on his sister so yeah.

So sorry for the super long post and pardon the grammar errors.  I am not hoping to change your view towards him, but ultimately I would like to impart that pi does not deserve all these unwarranted hate.

“If being popular means spreading across a large crowd for a short time, I don’t think that’s a very good thing in the end. My goal is not to become big and burn out, but to slowly spread across and remain in everyone’s memories.” (credits to whoever translated this)

Pi, being ur fan has always been a great honor.